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  1. Tracers by Rob Boffard

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    July 25, 2017 by femvestige

    The book Tracers by Rob Boffard is a dystopian science fiction novel that takes place on a space station called Outer …
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  2. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë

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    May 9, 2017 by femvestige

    Very differently formatted than the books by her sister, Ann Bronte’s novel is filled with impropriety that makes it fascinating …
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  3. Discussion Post: What’s Your Next Book?


    February 27, 2017 by femvestige

    We all reach that point. You know the one… where you have unplugged your headphones, ejected the CD, shut down …
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The Other Fem: Feminine Vestige

Mindfulness Checklist

It’s Monday and I have that same thought I’ve had for the last several weeks… I have too much to do. When this thought passes through my brain, I find that I am extremely unproductive with my time. I find myself looking at articles, rechecking my personal email, and slipping in a game of sudoku to […]

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