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Hello readers,

What is Fem Writ Books? It’s quite probable you are thinking “great, another feminist with a vocabulary,” or perhaps you are thinking “a feminist lawyer who needs to rant,” or possibly “this girl doesn’t even know what writ means.”

Let me elaborate for you.


Fem is, in the most simplest of explanations, me. Fem is my blog persona; you will find my other blogs accessible on the side ledger. Fem was born out of my first blog Feminine Vestige, a not-so-subtle reference to the loss of femininity and class in a culture of selfie’s, twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It transformed throughout time into a persona that I identify with deeply. It encompasses all that I am and all that I stand for: my feminism;  my connection to my astrological sign of Libra of which is ruled by the goddess of beauty, femininity, and fertility; the way in which I write which is a cross between prose and poetry; and the way I choose to live my life with poise and prowess.

Fem is my inner voice, my expression, and my words.

I am Fem.


What is writ?

This is the most common definition:

Writ /rit/ noun: a form of written command in the name of a court or other legal authority to act, or abstain from acting, in some way.

However, this is not what ‘writ’ means for this blog.

Writ /rit/ noun: something written

Something written. That’s it.

How it all works

When we put it together what does it mean? What is this blog truly about?

This blog is me writing about something I am passionate about – books. I will be reviewing the books I read and chronicling them here.

My categories are listed in the way that a book would be written: About,  PrologueEpilogue, Index, and Discussion. The Prologue is where you’ll find teasers, book reveals, favorite quote posts, blog rolls and content posts about books I am currently reading. The Epilogue is where you’ll find the final reviews and micro-reviews (less than 100 words) with a 5-star rating, genre, and best feature summary. Reviews can be viewed in the epilogue section in chronological order of those posted. The Index is a list of the books I have reviewed; they can be viewed in chronological order, by genre, and as the list grows by alphabetical order and/or author.

As the blog as evolved, I have added a discussion feature where readers can discuss topics on books with Fem (me). It is under discussions that Blog Tour interviews and author highlights will be posted.


So there we have it – I am a book lover (bibliophile) who will write reviews of the books I read.

Thanks for visiting and reading. Come by again soon.


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Feminine Vestige

Fem Fiction


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