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May 25, 2017 by femvestige

I love books, and sometimes the books I read have sentences that are just so beautiful, they speak to me. They resonate in my mind as I reflect – and sometimes they stick with me. That is what FemWrit quotes is: a way for me to share the lines and sentences that struck me with awe, joy, passivity, sorrow, etc.

The quote I am sharing with you today comes from the book ‘Euphoria‘ by Lily King. I wrote a small micro review about this book. What is different about this quote, is that a character in the book, Nell, is quoting someone else – Ruth Benedict, an American anthropologist. Since the book’s foundation is based upon anthropology, it makes sense! The quote – a real one, not fictional – is beautiful.

” Experience, contrary to common belief, is mostly imagination.” – Ruth Benedict – quoted in Euphoria by Lily King

What I love about this quote is that experience is what we live every single day – and imagination is what inspires us and what we create. To call our physical experience imagination gives me a beautiful sense of wonder. What parts of my day are my imagination? What parts are not?

When I think about it, I can see some truth in the comment. When I wake up ‘on the wrong side of the bed,’ at the end of the day I think of how it was a terrible day. Sometimes that’s true, but sometimes it’s really my imagination making it a terrible day when it is actually a normal day. No one is being exceptionally awful, the weather is average, the traffic normal. But I am making it into something awful because that is how I felt when I woke up.

On the other side, sometimes a completely normal day can feel absolutely fantastic and it has no equal. Things seem to move seamlessly and I feel like I am flying through a cloudless blue sky. But nothing has really changed, has it?

That’s not to say that some days are truly awful and other days are truly wonderful, but I can see where this quote allows me to pause and reflect on my everyday experience in a way I would not have otherwise done. That’s what I love about sentences like these – it makes me think about how it applies to my life.

Imagination is in every facet of our lives. Besides our own imagination affecting what we see and how we decide to experience it, we also experience the imagination of others. When I get into my car, I am reminded that a man over 100 years ago imagined a device that would transport humans without animal assistance. An idea that was nearly impossible to think of – and now it is essential to our day-to-day functioning. We can see this in everything we use and touch, and it all started with the seed of an imaginative thought. Our imaginations have allowed us to survive a constantly evolving world.

So I provide you with a photo quote to share, and offer you the chance to reflect upon the imagination within your experience.



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